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Tips for downloading the right mobile apps

Tips for downloading the right mobile apps

Most Americans are carrying a smartphone on them at all times these days, and with smartphone ownership comes the wonderful world of mobile applications. Whether on the Google Play store, or the Apple store, thousands of mobile apps are available to help us carry out all kinds of tasks. With the ever expanding numbers of apps and seemingly limitedless uses, it’s all too easy to “over-download”. Most phones are averaging around 32GB of storage space, and with all of the high resolution photos and videos being taken and stored on devices, storage space can come at a premium. We here at Prosaver have some tips to help you find the right apps, and how to efficiently manage them.

mobile-nfc-checkpoint-iconWhat does the app do for you?

Many of us use our mobile apps daily. From games, to translators, a lot of apps get a lot of play. But what about the apps you never use? If you have apps you never use, or are considering downloading a full app for something you may use once, look to limit that. Don’t download an application if you aren’t really going to use it, and if you do, simply uninstall it after you check it out to free up storage space and eliminate the app al together.

Check the Reviews 

It may seem simple, and most all of us do it, but we can’t stress the importance of this enough. Some apps are created to mimic other more popular apps, and the reviews will let you know. Some apps are buggy and notorious for slowing down phones, and the reviews will let you know. This becomes harder with less populars mobile applications, but checking reviews is a critical step in deciding whether or not to download that app.

Control the permissions mobile-app-developing_318-33179

Some applications we may need, but they interfere with phone performance nonetheless. When this happens, make sure to monitor your mobile app’s permissions, and change what could be slowing down your phone. If your battery is being drained, check the mobile app for settings that increase battery life. If an application runs in the background unnecessarily, check your phone settings and disable it while not in use. If you don’t want to change the permissions of a certain app, but don’t like the strain it puts on your phone, make sure it is the only mobile app open while you use it and ensure to completely exit the app after you are done using it

Avoid themes and wallpaper packages

Some themes and wallpaper packages found on mobile app store’s are wonderful to look at, but can drain our phones resources quickly. Others still are buggy messes that can make your phone hard to use, and glitch out the user interface at any given time. Also, many themes and wallpapers are moving images, which is like having mobile app open and running at all times. Consider using standard wallpapers, or basic color schemes over downloadable themes and wallpapers. It’s much easier to find a photo and download it as your background, than to download an entire application from a third party to change your wallpaper.

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