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Your Home Security System: What to Look For

Your Home Security System: What to Look For

More than two million homes are burglarized in the United States every year. To avoid being the victim of a burglary – getting a home security system is your best option. Before you purchase your home security system, here is what to look for.


The standard security system is a network of sensors attached to a control panel. When the seal on the door or window is broken, this causes the control panel to register the event, and if necessary take further action.


Door and window contacts are the most common sensors in a security system network. There are also motion and temperature sensors that create an optical or infrared field. All of these sensors register changes in the environment using a set threshold. When that threshold is broken, a notification is sent to the control panel.


The control panel is a device programmed to respond to all these sensor events in a number of ways. In many cases, they can be controlled and monitored remotely from your computer, mobile device, or even a third party.


The real effectiveness of a home security system increases by leaps and bounds when connected to a remote monitoring service. With the right control panel, monitoring service and app, you can use your smartphone to arm or disarm the system.


Aside from knowing that your home and loved ones are protected, you may also receive a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy after a home security system is installed.


After seeing the importance of a home security system, and knowing what services are available, you are ready to choose your provider. ProSaver has researched local companies to bring you the best, most affordable and trustworthy home security system providers. Log on to speak to a live advisor, get multiple quotes, read reviews and browse customer ratings.