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Have a leaky pipe?

Have a leaky pipe?

How to Best Deal With Broken Pipes

                If a pipe in your home breaks, it can be a pretty big problem. Depending on where it is, a broken pipe can end up causing thousands of dollars of water damage and even forcing you to leave your home until it is fixed. Hopefully, you won’t have a problem this severe, though. Broken pipes are a fairly common issue when it comes to plumbing and usually don’t end up being a serious problem. But if you think you have a broken or cracked pipe, it’s important to get the problem dealt with as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. Some plumbing issues you can fix by yourself, but it’s important to know when to hire a professional for help. If you think you have a broken pipe look below for some tips identifying and fixing the problem.

Where Is the Issue? 

                The first step in fixing a broken pipe is finding out where it is. There are several ways to do this, so hopefully the process should be fairly easy. One of the easiest ways to narrow down the broken pipes location is testing water pressure in various areas in your home. Turn on faucets and showers in multiple rooms to see which ones have lower water pressure. If you find one water source that has considerably less pressure than others, the broken pipe is most likely connected to it. Figure out where the water comes from and track it down to find the problem. Another way to figure out where a broken pipe is located is by listening to your homes plumbing. This may seem strange at first, but many times when a pipe breaks, you can hear a hissing noise that signifies water escaping. Turn off any unnecessary noises and walk around your home listening. If you end up hearing the broken pipe It can make the process of identifying it a lot easier.

Can You Fix the Issue

                Now comes the important part, deciding whether or not you can fix the problem on your own, or you should hire a professional. Although you may think you have the skills necessary to fix the problem, don’t overestimate yourself. Trying to fix the problem without knowing what you’re doing can ultimately make it worse and cause some serious problems later on.

What ProSaver Can Do For You          

                If you do end up deciding to hire a professional, ProSaver is the perfect place for you. We’ve been connecting our clients with the best professionals in their areas for years now. Our team of advisors know the different companies around and have worked to establish a relationship with many of them. By doing this, we always know who’s available, and which options suit your needs best. When it comes to something as important as your home’s plumbing, you want to make sure you’re hiring the best company possible. With our years of experience in the industry. when you get a recommendation from ProSaver, you know it’s one you can trust. So the next time you’re looking for the best company to fix broken pipes, we hope you’ll give us a call!