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Getting your house winter ready

Getting your house winter ready

Winter is on the way, and taking the time to prepare your home for the drop in temperatures can save you big. Even if you live in the south like us, temperatures can still get below freezing for weeks at a time, so make sure you are winter ready. Freezing temperatures are hazardous to your home if you don’t take the proper precautions. Properly preparing your home for winter is a straightforward process, and we have some great tips on how to make sure you (and your wallet) don’t get frozen this winter…


Take care of your plumbing

  • Turn off outdoor faucets and drain water from exterior valves, and sprinkler heads to prevent extremely costly pipe bursts. We may be able to save you money on a plumber, but we can all agree that not having to call one in the first place is a better option.


Locate and seal any cracks around windows and doors.

  • Use a candle if necessary and locate any areas where airflow is present around the window or door, then apply a strip of caulk or foam sealant around the edges where airflow is detected. This can cut energy consumption and prevent your hard earned money from escaping through the cracks.


Insulate outlets and switches

  • Outlet and plate seals are available at most hardware stores, and can add another level of protection against escaping heat and wasted energy costs.


Replace screen windows and doors with storm versions

  • If you have screen windows or doors, upgrading them and utilizing the above insulation procedures will drastically lower your electric bill when the heating system is working overtime.


Upgrade your old thermostat

  • If you have an older thermostat, consider upgrading to a digital one and enjoy the savings.


Search the perimeter and roof for openings

  • Check for any open vents, or broken coverings around your house and on your roof. Winter months will send rodents and other small animals searching for warmth, and if they get in, you may need to use the Prosaver app to locate a reliable pest control specialist.


Trim branches and overgrown areas around the house

  • Trimming branches and overgrown areas around your house ensures that in the case of icing, frozen branches will not disable power lines or cause damage to your house.


Reversing ceiling fans

  • Hot air rises, and by reversing your fans, you can divert hot air down towards your bed when the weather outside is frightful.


Remove or cover window units

  • If you have a window air conditioning unit, remove it during the winter months. If you have an external unit that you do not want to move, simply cover it from the outside with an insulated liner.

If you followed the above tips, then your home is winter ready! Enjoy the peace of mind that your home is prepared for the holiday season, even if you aren’t…

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