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Gas Furnace Appliance Options

Gas Furnace Appliance Options

Pro’s and Con’s of a Gas Furnace

                The typical gas furnace you would see in many homes today has been a source of warmth for many years now. Being widely produced and well used, there are few who haven’t owned or lived with someone who used a gas furnace at some point in their life. Why are they so popular, though? What is about them that keeps them around despite their seemingly outdated technology? Well, there are several reasons for that, as will be listed shortly, but there are also some drawbacks to using a gas furnace that for fairness will be spoken about as well.

Pro’s – Reliability and Efficiency

Gas furnaces are not very complicated machines and do not have many things that can go wrong with them when compared to newer technologies such as electric heaters. Because of this simplicity, gas furnaces can tolerate and work well in freezing temperatures without a problem. Another key point to look at is that gas furnaces are also much more effective at heating a room than electric heaters. This is due to the high temperature which gas burns at, which in turn heats up the air quicker, as well as using less energy in the process.

Con’s – Cost and Danger

                One reason that people prefer electric heaters over gas is that the initial cost of installation is a good bit lower. Electrical heaters are relatively simple to install, but their gas counterparts require specialized tools and a trainedprofessional. This ties in with the second drawback to owning a gas heater, the danger. Gas is a volatile substance, and if a leak goes undetected, there can be some pretty serious consequences. While electric furnaces have their own inherent risks as well, they are fairly small when compared to those that come with a gas furnace. Although gas leaks and explosions are becoming more and more rare to increases in safety regulations, and advancements in leak detection technology, it is still a factor that you should consider when making the decision of whether or not to install a gas furnace.

All in all, the end decision comes down to the users discretion. While gas furnaces do have some great benefits, they have some concerns that go along with them as well. When making the decision on what kind of furnace to buy for your home, it is usually best to consult a professional so that you’re better informed on all of your options.

What ProSaver Can do For You              

As was stated previously, if you’re looking to install a gas furnace in your house, it’s best to get in touch with a professional. Luckily for you, ProSaver does that. We specialize in getting our users into contact with the best companies and professionals in their area and helping them figure out which one works best for them. ProSaver users also get access to our unique website which displays ratings and reviews for companies in your area that have been pulled from all around the web. This way our customers don’t waste their time trying to find the highest rated company, it’s all in one place now. So if you’re trying to get into contact with a professional to talk about installing a gas furnace, feel free to give us a call!