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Fix Your Car’s Air Conditioner

Fix Your Car’s Air Conditioner

How to Repair Your Car’s Air Conditioning

No one likes a hot, sticky, uncomfortable ride to work in the morning. When your car’s air conditioner does not work properly, it can be frustrating to be locked in a hot seat during your commute or when you are running errands. Showing up to your destination in a layer of sweat is one of the most painful things we experience in the modern world. When rolling down the windows simply does not cut it, it might be time to repair your air conditioner. Usually the air conditioner is one of the easiest fixes for your automobile, so consider these two options for your repair needs.


  • Taking Your Car to the Repair Shop

This might be the first step that most people would consider when going about fixing their car’s air conditioner. A shop will be the most sure fire way to get your A/C fixed reliably, but might not be the cheapest or fastest. We all know the hassle of waiting in the automotive repair center for your car to get through the queue of customers stacked up before you, and the high prices we pay for car work to be done. A professional automotive worker can quickly fix your problem, but at what cost? Even if you have coupons in your book for the repair center you go to, the price of most car shops can still deter most people from trying to get their car A/C back in working order. However, if you want it done right and do not want to get your hands dirty, a shop might be for you.

  • Repairing the A/C Yourself

For the do it yourselfers, most jump at the repair project of fixing a car’s air conditioner. This repair job can be one of the easiest you will face in dealing with your car, and you are certainly capable of getting your hands dirty with this one. All you need is a little know how. If your car’s A/C has weak airflow or emits strange smells, it might be one of several problems. Mildew can cause blockage in the vents. Moisture can often result in mold growing in your A/C tubes. This is a relatively simple fix if you have the tools; simply clean them out to have your air blowing smoothly. Often times, a hose or pipe will simply come loose from the blower under your hood. Checking for loose pieces in your air conditioner unit can often bring the problem to light. Furthermore, it might just be that your ventilation fan is not working properly. In this case, you might just have to order and install a new fan.


Repairing your air conditioning in your car might be a challenge if you have never done it before, but it is definitely a manageable fix as far as any car repair projects go. If you don’t want to do it yourself, ProSaver will save you the most time and effort in finding someone to do it for you. For contractors or repairmen, choose ProSaver to cut down on the hassle. We find and list all pros in your area in one place for your convenience, allowing you to choose the highest rated and best priced contractor for whatever job you need done.