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Beautiful Custom Cakes – What It Takes

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Beautiful Custom Cakes – What It Takes

Are you looking for a custom cake with beautiful details that make a cake a one of a kind, pop out of the crowd, jaw dropping cake? Every baker does not just wake up one morning knowing how to bake every recipe and how to properly pipe icing using every tip in different ways. It takes time, practice and patience. That also means it takes many baked cakes to practice decorating, and many pounds of icing, many piping bags and many countless sleepless nights trying to perfect the art of making beautiful custom cakes.


Icing a cake to a smooth finish is quite challenging for a beginner to learn. It is, however, worth the time to learn how to do it. A round cake is the easiest shape to cover with icing, so it is best to start practicing icing a cake with this shape. Other shapes such as square or hexagon can be a bit harder to do. The equipment needed for icing the cake are a lazy susan, a metal spatula, an icing bag and the secret tool to a smooth cake – a plastic spackle tool. Yes, this unassuming little tool is what will make your life easier in smoothing a cake.


A single life size rose made of gum paste takes about 2 – 2 1/2 hours to make, that is after countless months of practice. Every petal must be pressed in a silicone mold to vein it perfectly and each layer of petals must be lightened in color so that it looks like real rose petals fading as the bloom out the a perfect full rose. Each petal is hand glued using hand mixed edible glue and shaped and curled to look just right. then you must add the stems and leafs of a different color. Each animal on a baby shower cake requires perfect precision, and weeks of practice to be able to get the correct proportions for the head, body, arms, legs, tail, eyes and ears.


You will want to arrange a consultation with your potential cake designer in person, and do a tasting before you sign a contract. Make sure your cake designer specializes in custom cakes. A custom cake is generally much more elaborate than a birthday cake from your local bakery. Your cake professional should have special training in constructing this type of cake. At ProSaver we have an extensive list of custom cake bakers in your local area. Log on to speak to a live advisor, read reviews and ratings as well get quotes.