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Android Repairs Explained

Android Repairs Explained

Repairing a Broken Android Phone

Oh no! In today’s day and age, having a working cell phone is a top priority. For some, it is a crucial lifeline between contacting family members, co-workers, or emergency services. For others, cell phones (especially smartphones) become an extension of their very self, containing calendars, alarms, navigation systems, books, and documents needed in one’s daily life. When your Android is broken, your life can literally go on mute and your productivity and efficiency can decrease exponentially. Normally, your issues can fall into two different categories, depending on what part of the phone is damaged.

  1. Hardware Problem

A hardware issue arises when something physical is wrong with the phone. For example, if you dropped your phone and the screen shattered or your phone became water-logged in the laundry machine, then there is a definite problem with the hardware. In some rare cases home remedies can work, but unless you have an extra touch screen and the proper tools lying around your house, then you will need to seek expert help. If your phone is under warranty, sending it back to the manufacturer for a replacement is your best option. If your warranty is expired, however, there are 3rd party craftsmen and repair shops that have the tools and the expertise to fix your phone.

  1. Software Problem

Software problems are a bit more complicated than problems with the hardware, but the solution is often easier and cheaper to attain. While hardware issues have to be repaired with a new screen or tweaking with the hard drive, a software problem arises from issues with memory, a bug, or some technological invader. One popular option to fixing software malfunctions is returning your phone to factory settings if memory overload is causing your phone to go slow or some apps are acting up. This is the best way to wipe memory, but not everything may be deleted from your phone. Your pictures, contacts, and other personal information may or may not be wiped with everything else, so make sure you back-up anything you want to keep. If the problem still persists, you should find an expert with your provider or another 3rd party programmer to help.

If your issue persists and it cannot be fixed, then it is time to seek a professional specifically geared towards Android repair.

How ProSaver Can Help You

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