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Reputation Protection

  • Various websites with ratings and reviews
  • Dispute bad reviews
  • Encourage good reviews
  • Respond to complaints
  • Check back monthly

ProSaver - Reputation Management

The Gold Standard

In today’s market, your reputation means everything, and with the ability for customers to immediately, and publicly provide feedback on their experience with your business, whether for the good or the bad, makes it so that staying on top of what’s being said about your business is essential. Customers looking for a business will often turn to feedback posted by past clients as there is a level of trust that comes with the “they’re just like me” view that comes from feedback posted by non-professional, every day customers. Ensuring that you are paying attention to this feedback will not only demonstrate to your customers that you are engaged in the conversation, but also that you will make the necessary attempts to address their concerns and comments, and to find a resolution that works for everyone.

The Good

Knowing the areas of your services that your customers appreciate is vital to ensuring that you don’t allow for a lapse in that area, bringing down the positive view that your customers have. If they appreciate the fact that when they call in, you answer quickly, when looking to many any cuts to your budget, doing so in your front line customer service may be more impactful than anywhere else. Hearing positive feedback from your customers also allows you the knowledge that you’re on the right track with your business, that you are providing to their needs, and the means in which you can continue to serve their requirements in a way that will only positively impact your business even more. A company with many positive remarks on their site or subsequent listings in Yelp, Google or the BBB will be more positively viewed by new customers, and make them more likely to choose your business over a competitor.

The Bad

Though a lot of the time we would rather not face criticism to our companies, these are invaluable learning experiences in which you can make the proper changes to address the concerns of your clients. If you find that you are receiving negative feedback on a particular aspect of your service, then it allows you the means to make the right changes to bring a better light to your company. Extending on the example above, if your customers are repeatedly stating that when they phone in to your business, it always takes a minimum of ten minutes to be able to reach a representative, then you know where you need to address issues. Negative feedback can be almost as invaluable as positive feedback, the means in which to directly address specific issues gives you an insight that you may not experience otherwise.

The Mixed

Often the most common of comments made on a business site, the mixed review is one that points out both good and bad aspects of the services they received. This can be a good way not only to keep your business from getting its ego too inflated, but to implement the two above mentioned changes in one swoop. To put more focus onto the aspects that are generating favorable comments, and to minimize the impact of those with a negative angle. If your particular customers are saying that your shipping of the product was great but it took too long to find a representative to speak with when calling in, you now have two areas in which you can focus.

The ProSaver Solution

Knowing the impact that reviews can make on your business, the importance of addressing both the positive and the negative become clear, yet not every business owner has the capability to address these issues in a proper and positive way. If a customer complains about a certain food you serve, that you feel is your best dish, then you may be inclined to disagree with their thought. By bringing in a neutral party, ProSaver gives you the means of addressing both aspects of feedback with the right hands off approach. We bring you the services needed to address negative comments in a way that engages the consumer, and allows their voice to be heard, with a focus on bringing a positive outcome, and one that thanks those posting positive feedback by confirming that their voices are heard, and that their time and efforts in leaving positive feedback is appreciated, leaving future customers more inclined to do the same.

Save Time, Make Money

Though staying on top of your reviews is always the ideal goal, having the time in which to do it could prove difficult. This is where the services of ProSaver come in, bringing you the connection you need to reputation management professionals that handle all of the processes on your behalf. This means engaging in customer conversations, bringing beneficial responses to positive feedback, and addressing any negative feedback, to ensure that your customers are engaged, and that any review site, such as Yelp, Google, and the BBB will have visible demonstrations of your company’s efforts to use the feedback of your customers to better improve your operations. This will bring about a better view from new customers looking into your business.

Having The Information

Once this engagement is complete, we bring you a periodic list of information showing the feedback that your company has been receiving from your customers, the steps we have taken to engage and work with your clients, and the overall results that it has had on the online view of your business. With all of this information at your fingertips, you have the ability to make subtle changes to your operations in which you can accent your positive aspects, address negative ones, and make the possible changes needed to ensure that you are bringing your best to your clients across the spectrum. This works in conjunction with all the other services that ProSaver provides to give your business the positive boost it needs, and to bring you more success as you move forward with other endeavors, knowing that your foundation is strong and effective.

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