The app that puts you in control

The ProScore algorithm (1-100) takes over hundreds of criteria into account

Earn cash back for services you already pay for

Easily access 10,000+ professionals

  • Pay your Pro right in the app

    Use Paypal or a credit card to pay right inside the chat window with your Pro

  • Live Advisors available at No Cost

    Expert Advisors can help with deciding which Pro to choose, technical issues, or discrepancies.

  • The ProScore algorithm rates Pros 1-100

    Based on over hundreds criteria, the ProScores gives you the upper hand

  • Set appointments, get alerts

    Get a notification 1 hour and 1 day before your appointment time

  • 5% Cash Back Every Time

    Your account balance is credited 5% every payment. Cash out or donate to charity when you reach $50

  • Live chat with Pros Instantly

    Send pictures and videos to your Pro to get an instant quote, usually without the need for an on-site visit

Earn Cash With ProSaver

How to use ProSaver

If you need help at any time, just click the "Get Advice" Button and an Advisor will help.

  • 1.

    Download ProSaver, create an account OR login with Facebook/Twitter

  • 2.

    Enter your zip and select your category

  • 3.

    Bruce, your digital assistant, will ask you qualifying questions

  • 4.

    Bruce will recommend the top 3 highest-rates Pros in your area

  • 5.

    Click “chat now” with one or multiple Pros at once

  • 6.

    Tell them your issue, send them pictures, videos, and request a quote

  • 7.

    Accept a quote, accept an appointment time, receive alerts

  • 8.

    When the Pro is done, pay for the service right in the app

    Cash out your savings when you reach $50

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